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STOP USING SOLDERLESS PATCH CABLES! We can't emphasize this enough.

Look, if you have a guitar that costs $2000, a pedalboard that costs another $1000 and another amp that is $1000, don't let a $10 solderless patch cable ruin the entire signal path!!

In my career as a guitar tech I have heard so many stories of guitarists' instrument going dead silent in the middle of a song/gig, only to discover that the culprit is a solderless patch cable after hours of troubleshooting. Just skip the hassle and get a hand soldered cable today. It's one of those things where you get more value the earlier you get it. Like a good pair of spectacles.

With virtually no overhead costs, we boast some of the best prices on cables in the world, all backed by a lifetime repair/replacement warranty. 

All cables are hand soldered by guitar tech Jacob Lai personally.

- SMALLEST profile plugs that fit into anywhere
- LIFETIME warranty
- Hand soldered and abuse-tested before shipping out
- $4.50 shipping fee for orders <$100, free shipping for orders >$100

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