• COVENANTCABLES Remnant Gold - Echoinox
  • COVENANTCABLES Remnant Gold - Echoinox
  • COVENANTCABLES Remnant Gold - Echoinox
  • COVENANTCABLES Remnant Gold - Echoinox

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  • Virtually indestructible cables

    Low capacitance for maximum tone transfer 

    Tons of low end and high end goodness for you to eq after

    Gold plated plug for top tier conductivity

    LIFETIME WARRANTY!! You're set for life!



    We make our cables well, not like the cheap labor that many companies take advantage of overseas to assemble and solder their junk. We do our work right here in the U.S.A. and if you've been in a band long enough you know that cables need to take a beating so we make sure they're made to handle it. But hey, things can happen; so you're welcome to send back any problem cables for a free repair. And if we can't fix it, we'll replace it. It's that simple. Just make sure you hold onto your order confirmation email and you and your cables will be set for life.


    Our most popular signature cable: The [CC] Remnant Guitar Cable, now upgraded with the sleek and popular Neutrik NP2X series plugs. Originally inspired by the design of our popular BTPA CA-0678 tech-flex cables and with the advice of some friends, we came up with what we believe to be the most beautiful looking (and sounding) cable out there. So we got to work and put together a deal with one of the best USA cable manufacturers in the nation and have developed a cable with only a 20pF/foot capacitance rating while boasting a light weight but super durable frame. The Remnant Pro will last you years of incredible tone while hordes of jealous friends will want one too. 
  • [CC] Remnant Instrument Cabling

    • Capacitance at 1kHz, 20C: 20pF/Ft
    • Boutique attention to detail | Made in the U.S.A
    • Black Tech Flex prevent tangles and adds durability

    Neutrik NP2X series connectors

    • Heavy duty all metal shell in black
    • Gold plated connectors for better sound quality, probably
    • It's black, and black is cool
    • It's super duper strong 


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