COVENANTCABLES Mogami 2314S | SPS4 - SPS4/ SP400


  • COVENANTCABLES Mogami 2314S | SPS4 - SPS4/ SP400
  • COVENANTCABLES Mogami 2314S | SPS4 - SPS4/ SP400

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We do NOT have stock this item. Every board is unique and requires specific lengths of straight plug patch cables. Thus it is not practical for us to keep an inventory of cables from 6" to 48".

To place an order, simply input the lengths that you require (highly advisable to add an inch more to every cable). Goods will arrive within 2 weeks, subject to CC's fulfillment. We will then mail your order to you immediately upon receipt!

Feel free to hit us up if you've any questions!



​The SPS4 is the shortest soldered 1/4" connector with strain relief made to date and fits on any controller/patch bay/switching system/interface while featuring a unique 2-screw cable holding strain relief mechanism. The cable is firmly held in place by two lateral screws preventing any tension on the solder joints. It is a very effective way to prevent the cable from moving in any direction.

The handle of the SPS has been carefully designed to be functional and elegant at the same time while a circular groove allows to hold the plug to patch it or un-patch it effortlessly despite its compactness. Additional grip can also be obtained by holding the plug right where the screw heads and the groove intersect.


  • Length: 21mm/0.82" (compare against 25.4mm / 1" for the G&H stubby)
  • OD: 13mm/0.51"
  • 5mm for the SPS4 [allows to pass cables up to 4.7mm OD]. 
  • SPS4 is a good match for our RA SP400 connector

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