COVENANTCABLES Mogami W2314 | SP400-SP400


  • COVENANTCABLES Mogami W2314 | SP400 - Echoinox
  • COVENANTCABLES Mogami W2314 | SP400 - Echoinox
  • COVENANTCABLES Mogami W2314 | SP400 - Echoinox
  • COVENANTCABLES Mogami W2314 | SP400 - Echoinox
  • COVENANTCABLES Mogami W2314 | SP400 - Echoinox

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  • Smallest cables in the WORLD!

    Extra space on pedalboard -> Put more pedals!

    Hand-soldered and built like a tank

    Customize to ANY length you need!

  • NOTE:

    Every board is unique and requires specific lengths of straight plug patch cables. Thus all cables are made-to-order to your the specifications that you need. Do give us 1-2 working days to get your order up!

    To place an order, simply input the lengths that you require (highly advisable to add an inch more to every cable). 

    Orders below $100 will be charged $5 for shipping due to credit card transaction fees. Orders over $100 enjoy free shipping islandwide!

    Feel free to hit us up if you've any questions!


    ​The SPS4 is the shortest soldered 1/4" connector with strain relief made to date and fits on any controller/patch bay/switching system/interface while featuring a unique 2-screw cable holding strain relief mechanism. The cable is firmly held in place by two lateral screws preventing any tension on the solder joints. It is a very effective way to prevent the cable from moving in any direction.

    The handle of the SPS has been carefully designed to be functional and elegant at the same time while a circular groove allows to hold the plug to patch it or un-patch it effortlessly despite its compactness. Additional grip can also be obtained by holding the plug right where the screw heads and the groove intersect.

    We make our cables well, not like the cheap labor that many companies take advantage of overseas to assemble and solder their junk. We do our work right here in the U.S.A. and if you've been in a band long enough you know that cables need to take a beating so we make sure they're made to handle it. But hey, things can happen; so you're welcome to send back any problem cables for a free repair. And if we can't fix it, we'll replace it. It's that simple. Just make sure you hold onto your order confirmation email and you and your cables will be set for life.

    With the SP400 you get the performance and reliability of a soldered connector with virtually the same function and footprint of a solderless one!


    → Super flexible, small diameter [4mm / 0.155"] Mogami 2314 cable for precise cable routing

    → Low noise, low capacitance [33pF/ft / 110pF/m, at 1kHz, 20degC; rating: 60degC, 30V] for excellent signal transfer

    → Ultra–low–profile connector [measures only 8.3mm / 0.326" x 17mm / 0.67" x 28mm / 1.10"] for highest packing density

    → Serviceable, all–metal plug designed to snug–fit smaller diameter cables for optimum strain relief and improved EMI protection

    → Insulation sheet to prevent hot and ground signals from shorting
  • SP400 is compatible with the following popular switching systems & more: VoodooLab Pedal Switcher, PX8, PX8 Plus, HEX | RJM PBC, Mini Effect Gizmo | MusicomLab 6M, 62M, 8L, MKIV, MKV | Providence Audio PEC-4V, PEC-2 | IdeaBench Switcheroo | Carl Martin Octaswitch, Octaswitch mkii | Vinteck V8 | Cusack Music: PBT9, PBT6 [Not Compatible with The GigRig G2 and Boss ES5/8

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