EXPOSED: REAL Elixir VS FAKE China Elixir & How to Tell Them Apart

Written By CY Lai - September 27 2017


CY Lai
October 31 2019

Hi Jimmy,

I am the writer of the post. At the moment we’ve stopped selling Elixirs for quite awhile already, though at the time of writing we were certainly dealers of Elixir. I still stand firm with my post even so.

I am unsure why you couldn’t notice the disparity between the two. When I did the A/B test I could tell the difference in a heartbeat. Perhaps there are better imitation models out there that I wasn’t aware of and you have been using them.

Nevertheless thank you for your comment and I wish you a good day ahead.

October 20 2019

u sell strings, no wonder the negative comments.. i have been using fake china strings and they sound n feel great to me. Used the originals too but the “so called better” effect is not that noticeable…

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